PDF Generator API

Unlock the potential of PDF customization without coding. Modify, create, and generate data-filled PDFs seamlessly with the PDF Generator API.

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What Sets Us Apart


Use existing PDF files

Unlike other services, PDF Mail Merger API specializes in seamlessly integrating data into your pre-existing PDF templates.


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No HTML or CSS Required

Enjoy the convenience of filling data into your PDFs without the need for HTML or CSS. Stick to what you already have - we've got it covered.


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Simplify, Don't Reinvent

Leverage your existing PDF templates and let PDF Mail Merger API do the heavy lifting. No need to recreate your documents from scratch.


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Our Features

Our ever-growing list of features leaves little to be desired. You have not found what you are looking for? Send us a feature request!


Use pre-existing PDF Files

No need for HTML or CSS – effortlessly integrate and populate your data directly into your familiar PDF documents.


Drag & Drop Editor

Let non-developers take control of the template customization process with our browser-based drag-and-drop PDF Editor.


Send PDFs as Email Attachment

Customize emails with placeholders and send from your own email address. You will be notified of undeliverable emails.


Upload Custom Fonts

Upload and use your own font to match your corporate identity. Create personalized letters with your brand design. 


Include Dynamic Images

Upload your images and dynamically add them to your PDF based on the values in your Excel file.


Include QR codes

Include QR codes dynamically generated from the data you provide in your Excel spreadsheet.


Multi-User Accounts

Create and manage sub-users for your company, while each user has access only to their private templates.


Custom Filenames

Output PDF documents with customized filenames. Use placeholders to use variables from your Excel file.

Integrate your PDF Templates

Unlock the potential of PDF Generator API across a spectrum of use cases. Revolutionize how you handle your document generation.

PDF Generator API adapts to your needs, offering versatile solutions for:

1. Upload PDF Form
Upload your PDF file via drag & drop.
2. Upload Dummy Excel File
Upload a dummy Excel file that contains only the header rows / placeholder names that you would like to use in your API requests.
3. Drag & Drop Placeholders
Drag and drop the fields into the PDF file. The fields are derived from the column names of the uploaded dummy Excel file and will be populated with the contents of your API request.
4. Start PDF Mail Merge
Send an API request to trigger the PDF generation. The generated PDF will be returned in the API response.
5. Send PDF as Email Attachment
Alternatively, you can choose to generate a PDF and send the PDF as an attachment to an email you specify in the API request. You can fully customize the subject line and content of the email.

Power your team with our PDF Generator API